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Organization & mission

Our slogan and our mission


Our slogan is:


"Tag the change"


With "tags" you can locate waste in the app. They are photos of waste that are given a so-called geolocation tag.


With "The Change" we mean the change that is needed in people's behavior. But we also want to refer to change in terms of money of the sponsors. A sponsor can make a clean-up action possible for just 10 euro cents.

Our mission is:


"Create a litter free world by offering an ecosystem that motivates everybody to clean up"

We want to create a sustainable ECO system with Rubbiz. Something that works now and that continues to run. This system must ensure that we permanently locate and clean up litter. We do this by motivating users with charitable donations and allocating cleaned m2 in the form of a classification.



Not a mission statement, but an important one is that the Rubbiz app also encourages users to exercise. There is a minimum distance between the tags, so that moving is necessary.



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